Tuesday, 9 March 2010

3 years already....

I find it hard to think that someone so special in my life has been gone for 3 years today. The pain never leaves, and yet, in the same way, the happy memories always stay. I wonder what it would be like if pain was a feeling we did not know and happiness was all we had? If someone could make this happen I would be interested to experience this outlook on life!

I believe that all too often we can un-intentionally take people for granted and then not realise their qualities until they are gone. But then all we are left with is guilt and the usual 'what if's' and 'but's'...

However, no matter how much we try to make the 'wrongs'-'right', and state how much we really 'did' care, it is only for our own selfish piece of mind to release the guilt we feel. Subsequently, there is always that feeling in life that no matter how hard we try it will never be enough. 

So, all there really is left to say is treasure those closest to you, and remember that when you feel the world is against you, it is generally the people who love and want what is best for you that make you feel hurt the most. Yet, it does not mean they do not love you, it means they want to protect you, but sometimes showing it is another piece of the broken hearted puzzle they have yet to solve.

R.I.P Grandad <3 xxx



  1. Oh this is so true. You thoughtful girly! Keep up the posts. You've made me think tonight. Post successful!


  2. Thanks paperpocket. Your help with setting up this site is much appreciated! Thanks xx


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